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3D printer lets you print your own smartwatch circuit boards

3D printed board
Third dimension chips

A Kickstarter campaign offering a 3D printer that prints circuit boards onto a variety of materials has attracted almost $57,000 (£35,900, or AU$38,488) of funding, beating its $30,000 (£18,845, or AU$32,230) goal one day after launching.

The EX1 printer, which is being developed by Australia-based company Cartesian, works in a similar way to desktop inkjet printers.

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But instead of laying down ink, it prints a circuit board image using two different chemicals onto a variety of materials - including plastic, wood, ceramic, silicone, fabric or paper - that react to produce silver nano particles when mixed together.

3D printed board

Time saver

Circuit boards can be printed onto a print area of 17.5 x 8cm (6.9 x 32 inches) using Cartesian's bespoke software on a PC, Mac or Linux machine, which the company says will save people time as they won't have to create printed circuit boards by hand.

Cartesian says that the EX1 also allows people to create circuit boards for use on wearable devices.

You'll have to cough up a pretty penny (or dollar) for the EX1 as 'early bird' specials have ran out (they were limited to just 25 backers). Currently, new backers will be able to get hold of it when it ships in September 2014 by pledging a minimum of $1,499 (around £944 or AU$1,608).