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The best cheap iPhone 7 Plus deals in the US for February 2018

You should be able to find a good iPhone 7 Plus deal now that the phone is over a year old, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the new hotness on the market. If you don't need the newest thing and want the tried and true iPhone 7 Plus, check out these deals.

Apple has reduced the price to make it more palatable, and carriers offer a number of iPhone 7 Plus deals that can lower the price up front or throw in some extra goodies.

The best cheap iPhone 7 Plus deal

Apple has dropped the iPhone 7 Plus price to $669, keeping it competitive. Other retailers haven't done much in the way of offering new iPhone 7 Plus models at prices that beat Apples, so there's little reason to look elsewhere at present. As an added bonus, this is the price Apple is charging for the phone unlocked, so you don't have to pick a carrier right away with this iPhone 7 Plus deal.

The best iPhone 7 Plus deals from mobile carriers

T-Mobile offers up to $700 off when buying two iPhones, so if you're looking to get yourself a new iPhone 7 Plus and another one for a friend or family member, you can save big. This deal is also available for other iPhone models, including the newer iPhone 8 and iPhone X. You can see the deal details here.

Get an iPad for $99 with a new iPhone 7 Plus on the AT&T Next program. This deal will let you get two devices for a reduced total price, but does require a two-year agreement. If you don't need an iPad, AT&T also offers the iPhone 7 Plus for a flat $669, matching Apple's own price.

Get a free iPhone 7 with a new iPhone 7 Plus when the latter is leased on the Sprint Flex 18-month lease. The iPhone 7 will come on a free lease, so only one lease has to be paid. Anyone who needs two new phones and likes the idea of upgrading to a new phone after a year may be interested in this one.

Save up to $300 on an iPhone 7 when you trade-in your old phone at Verizon. This deal is best for anyone coming from an iPhone 6S Plus, which is worth the full $300. Previous iPhones and the smaller iPhone 6S are worth less. Verizon will also accept a variety of non-Apple devices for trade-in. 

All of the major carriers offer installment plans that can make the upfront cost of the device significantly lower. If you're simply looking to avoid a major price hitting you all at once, you can take advantage of these to spread out the cost of an iPhone 7 Plus over as many as 30 months depending on which carrier you choose. Amazon also has a number of refurbished iPhone 7 Plus deals that offer a solid bargain.