Casio heads down the retro route - re-releases its classic musical calculator

Casio has revealed that it will be re-releasing a classic calculator from its archive, one that allows you to 'play' music and do calculations. And make rude words like 5318808. 

The Casio SL-880 is an update of the MG-880 and is a device that follows on from the recent-ish trend of companies preying on our hazy memories and offering up nostalgia-tinged products like the re-imagined NES and SNES

The calculator is pretty much a perfect recreation of the MG-880. There are big buttons, for a start, and a solar panel. 

The screen size has been increased so you can have bigger 5318808 and it retains the lovely old-school white, blue and orange coloring. 

See you later, calculator 

Unfortunately, it looks like Casio will only be releasing the Casio SL-880 in Japan for now and it will be released in March. 

If you aren't Japan based, then you'll just have to make do with this lovely YouTube video of old-school calculators playing the internet classic All Star.

Via Gizmodo

Marc Chacksfield

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