12 great Christmas gift gadgets for drivers

Signs of a recession might be biting, but forget to buy that friend or family member a Christmas present and it won't only be dwindling finances you'll have to worry about.

But what do you buy the man or woman who has everything?

Well, if they like cars, there are a raft of cool motoring-related gadgets to fill their stocking with.

And with gifts to suit all budgets, you could have your Christmas shopping wrapped up in the time it takes to say "sorry, I was skint".

1. Personalised plates
Stuck for Xmas gift ideas for that special someone? Got upwards of £250 to spend? A personalised registration from the DVLA is a GR8 idea. But be warned: like a puppy, a licence plate is for life, not just for Christmas.

2. Intelligent sat nav
If you have a sat nav already you will have almost certainly have taken a wrong turn while using it. If you're in a car, it's easy to get back on your intended path, but for truckers, van drivers and cars with trailers, it can be disastrous. Unless you use this clever new system from Snooper (£299.95) which can warn of low bridges and narrow roads.

3. Personal breathalyser
If you overdo it on the Christmas sauce you might well still be over the drink-drive limit the next day. But fear not, because one blow into this pocket-sized breathalyser from AlcoSense will tell you if you are fit to drive or need to go back to bed. Well worth £34.99.

4. Car camera
If you fancy creating your very own Top Gear, you'll want one of these. The Go Pro camera (£140) fits anywhere on your car so you can record your action-packed Stig moments.

5. Grippy winter tyres
Avoid an expensive winter accident with these ultra-grippy Goodyear OptiGrip tyres which work best on snowy and icy roads. £90 per corner.

6. Stylish hands-free phone kit
Talking on your mobile and driving is akin to capital punishment these days, so for the jabber mouth in your family this snazzy titanium hands-free kit, the £99 JX20 from Jabra, will save their bacon.

7. Speed camera warning system
All of us stray over the speed limit occasionally, so if you want to protect the licences of your nearest and dearest, this dinky Micro Roadpilot at £100 could save them from a month or two on the buses.

8. No more petrol diesel mistakes
Filling your car up with the wrong fuel is one of the most expensive mistakes drivers make. However, the Rightfuel, a simple £30 device from Caparo, who also make the mighty T1 supercar, will stop your loved one wrecking their car's engine and having no cash left for the turkey.

9. Handy hand cleaners
Why is it that your hands always get covered in diesel when you're on your way to a meeting? Avoid smelling like a mechanic with these hand wipes at £2.49 from ArmorAll. Also suitable for picnics!

10. Glovebox torch
The problem with so many gadgets is that they quickly run out of batteries. And typically, the right replacements are never to hand. This £30 Omnivore torch from Gerber, though, will take AA, AAA or CR123 batteries.

11. Ultra-slim, cheap hands-free phone kit
This is the second hands-free device in this selection. Why? Well, the Jabra might have style, but for lightness and portability you can't beat the ultra-slim BlueTrek Metal. Especially at £35.

12. Lewis Hamilton book
While the majority of gifts on this list are for use in your car, here's one to keep you occupied when you're not in it. Just days after Lewis Hamilton lifted the F1 crown, Haynes released this £20 book - Lewis Hamilton World Champion - all about his road to racing success.

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