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Scots invest £3.5m into rural broadband

Some remote areas of Scotland have yet to get broadband connections, due to being far away from an ADSL-enabled exchange

Every corner of the Scottish nation is to be hooked up to the internet. Most of Scotland already has internet connectivity: every community has available ADSL and every exchange is ADSL-enabled. But the distance between exchanges is proving a problem for some people who are yet to get connected.

Now the Scottish Executive is looking to shell out £3.5 million to get the remaining 50 or so clusters of users online. An exact number isn't known, but a spokesperson said around 750 people had complained about their lack of broadband.

Broadband event

The Scottish Executive is currently looking for companies that are able to provide connectivity to the last remaining spots of the Highlands. It's holding an event in Glasgow on Tuesday 8 May, which will be followed up by a consultation with the people who are still unconnected later this month.

Eddie Murphy, event co-ordinator, said all approaches will be considered. "We are quite definitely not pre-judging which technology to use," he said.