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Daredevil Brits happy to reveal card details

People are not as worried about using their credit cards online as they used to be

Despite reports of ID fraud in the UK growing rapidly , it seems we're happy to take risks using our credit cards when shopping online. A survey has found that using credit cards online is the risk that Britons are most happy to take.

Lying to friends to avoid hurting their feelings came in second place. Taking a 'sickie' from work, eating food past its sell-by date and leaving a front door key with a neighbour were other common risks people didn't mind taking, the survey from hotel chain Travelodge found.

Speeding when driving, lying at job interviews and not saving for retirement also made the list.

The study found that more men - 33 per cent - thrive on being 'risk takers' than women, at 20 per cent.