Lady Gaga launches Gaga 'Heartbeat' headphones

Gaga - seriously.
Gaga - seriously.

Hands up if you want to look just like shock pop Lady Gaga? Anyone? Anyone? Well, should you be looking to emulate the Poker Face singer then you could buy into her new Heartbeats headphones range.

It's fair to say that Gaga is somewhat unorthodox - and from the pictures we've managed to procure, the Heartbeats are also a little out of the leftfield.

"Heartbeats by Lady Gaga" are engineered to deliver all the music the artist intended you to hear, with incredible sonic clarity, pounding bass, and all the power demanded by today's music," says our favourite press release of the week.

Gaga headphones

"The self-inspired design, including every detail developed with Lady Gaga, is both a unique reflection of Lady Gaga's style and fashion sense as well as her commitment to the sound quality of her music and the way it's heard."

I would die if...

And just in case you remain to be convinced, Lady Gaga chips in with: "In the deepest hour of the night, I confess to myself three things; I would die if I was forbidden to write, forbidden to love, or forbidden to fashion.

"Heartbeats embody the trinity of my human-being, with one additional vow: that SOUND matters. Wear heartbeats, love each other, and celebrate the art and lifestyle of music."

There's no statement on pricing or availability, but who could resist, in the deepest hour of night, the need for fashion, writing or love? Anyone? Anyone?

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