Kanye West's Tidal exclusive isn't so exclusive anymore

Kanye West

Remember when Kanye West tweeted that his album The Life of Pablo would "never, never, never be on Apple" and would be only available on Tidal?

Well, it turns out the entire album isn't quite so exclusive anymore.

In an interesting turn of events, the track Famous from the album is now available on at least three other services, including Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music.

It's the first and only track from The Life of Pablo available outside of Tidal, so this single song not a complete turn around of what Kanye promised, though it has still come as quite a surprise following his triple "never" tweet to find one of his songs on Apple Music.

It's unclear what prompted the single track to be released from the confines of the "exclusively on Tidal" designation, though it seems like it could be a push to gain more interest in the album that could push more people to sign up to Tidal, acting like a free ad.

When the album was first released, Kanye's online proclamations helped the Tidal app rocket to the top of the iOS App Store.

Of course, it probably isn't wise to truly hold Yeezy to his word, so it's also unclear if we'll see more tracks from the album become available on other services too now.

We've gotten in touch with Tidal about the exclusivity of the rest of the tracks from The Life of Pablo.

Via The Verge