New high-end CD players from Audia and Roksan

The Roksan M Series CD player costs £1,100 with an optional integrated amplifier adding £1,000

Henley Designs has unveiled two new high-end CD players: one from Audia and one from Roksan . The systems were launched at a Christmas-in-July event, held in London yesterday.

The first new CD player comes in the form of the Audia Flight CD-Two. Virtually unknown outside the rarefied world of high-end hi-fidelity, Audia's products are generally recognised for their design quality and performance.

Incorporating a brand new design and "the highest quality parts", the Audia Flight CD-Two apparently presents a captivating sonic picture of the original performance. That's some claim.

It has a super rigid chassis to prevent reverberation, 24 bit/192KHz upsampling converter and an ultra precision reference clock to ensure a highly detailed presentation with no digital harshness.

Audia and Roksan

It's powered by two silent toroidal transformers and they, combined with discrete Class A full balanced analog output section, result in maximum dynamic range.

Audia says the Flight CD-Two is a reference compact disc player that puts the listener "bang in the middle of the musical performance with resolution, realism and pure passion that has to be heard to be believed".

The Audia Flight CD-Two is available now for £2,000.

Second CD Player

Joining the Audia Flight CD-Two, is the new M-series Caspian CD player from Roksan. It features Roksan's latest CD transport, motherboard, control PCB (printed circuit board) and a new digital-to-analogue converter. The mechanisms are all individually selected as you'd expect, to ensure a superb performance and, presumably, a great sound.

Every component has been "meticulously chosen to enhance performance and reliability" says Roksan. The M-series Caspian CD Player has even tighter and better defined bass, life-like open and detailed mid-range with much extended yet smoother and clearer top end.

The Roksan M-Series Caspian costs £1,100.

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