Hands on: Kivic One review

Kivic One
Small, but packing a few killer features

If you've got a car with a video player you'll almost definitely want the impressively small Kivic One.

This little black box, about the size of a deck of cards, can push audio and video to just about any car monitor - or any monitor, really - provided it has an HDMI connection.

Car video - or everywhere video?

While Kivic is serious about marketing the Kivic One as the quintessential car audiovideo peripheral, it could theoretically work with any HDMI display, allowing you to push AirPlay video to your home television, just like the Apple TV.

Kivic one

But while AirPlay compatibility is obviously the big news, the Kivic One is also certified with most other smartphones, from a wide range of Android devices to BlackBerry phones and beyond.

Kivic one

A pricey proposition

The Kivic representative we spoke with said it would release in March, and that we could expect "a ballpark price of around $200."

Kivic one

Our gut instinct is that that's too much. And most fans of in-car video have doubtlessly already found ways to hook their mobiles to their screens.

A worthy addition to your car?

But if you've dished out for a display in your car the prospect of pushing some of your favorite AirPlay-enabled apps to it might just be worth the money.

Kivic one

So what do you think? Do you want the Kivic One, or is it too little for a little too much?

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