Apple just made a smart move for its AI future

Update: The Partnership on AI made it official that Apple is joining its ranks to help study and advance artificial intelligence. 

The announcement formalizes Apple's role in the consortium as a founding member, as it was also revealed the tech giant has actually been involved and collaborating with the group "since before it was first announced."

Apple will work alongside representatives from the likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook to help further AI research and promote awareness around AI and its ethical use. This could lead to quicker advances in AI at every company, including with Apple's Siri platform.

Original story below:

Partnership on AI - a major organization created to collaborate on artificial intelligence (AI), advance its public awareness, and promote its ethical use - may be getting a new member soon in the form of a certain tech company from Cupertino, California.

Apple is reportedly planning to announce a team-up with the group as soon as this week, according to Bloomberg

This would have the iPhone maker working with the likes of Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook to further the research, development, and use of artificial intelligence.

Historically a reclusive lot, Apple opened up somewhat over a month ago by allowing its AI researchers to publish their work in an effort to improve its own digital assistant, Siri. Joining Partnership on AI could be a move in much the same vein, helping Siri get smarter while advancing everyone's efforts on the tech.


Among other responsibilities listed on Partnership on AI's website, Apple's involvement may require the tech giant to "share insights" and "consult with relevant third parties" regarding AI. 

It may not necessarily translate to a comic book-style Siri crossover with Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, or Google Assistant, but it'd be a smart move for Apple to share with the rest of the class to further AI, plus work out the PR and ethical hurdles the technology faces today (let's just say, the Terminator series didn't do it any favors.)

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