Apple discontinues the iMac Pro with new iMac rumored to be imminent

iMac Pro
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Update: Apple has confirmed to MacRumors that the iMac Pro is being discontinued, and is pointing people towards either the iMac or the Mac Pro as alternative options.

It looks as though the iMac Pro won't be around much longer, at least in its current incarnation: just a single configuration of the polished all-in-one is now available direct from the Apple website, with a message "while stocks last" on the page.

That configuration gets you a 3.0GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W processor, 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage in return for $4,999 / £4,999 / AU$7,299. It's the same story on the Apple websites for the US, the UK and Australia.

Launched back in 2017, the iMac Pro competed with both the more affordable consumer iMac models, and the super-powerful Mac Pro desktop tower – a high-end Mac machine for people with big budgets to spend on the best configurations available.

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There has been no official announcement from Apple, other than what's on the Apple website, but it does appear to be the end of the road for this particular model – and we wait to see what might be coming next.

What the future holds

It's not clear whether Apple thinks the iMac Pro is necessary in a world where the Mac Pro exists, although you don't get the all-in-one form factor with the desktop tower. We might see a new iMac Pro update, or Apple might decide to stop producing the range.

We do know that Apple is planning to refresh the standard iMac computers in the near future, with its new custom-made M1 chip. Certain configurations of the iMac have started disappearing from the Apple site too, though not to the same extent as the iMac Pro.

A couple of weeks ago we saw leaked images of what the next-generation iMacs might look like, borrowing colors from the iPad Air tablet. At the same time there was also talk of a smaller Mac Pro – another high-end machine for Mac computing enthusiasts.

A refresh had been expected as early as March, though another rumor from a well-placed source suggests that we might have to wait until October for new iMac all-in-ones. The movement on the Apple website suggests new models are coming sooner rather than later, though it remains to be seen whether an iMac Pro will be among them.

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