Steve Wozniak is confident Apple will still be around in 2075

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has been vocally ruminating over the future of humanity recently, as well as Apple’s place in it.

Wozniak is predicting good things for Apple despite the fact that the sectors of business and technology are fast-moving and ever changing. He’s confident that Apple is still going to be going strong when 2075 rolls around thanks to its cash reserves.

“Apple will be around a long time, like IBM (which was founded in 1911),” Wozniak said in an interview with USA Today, “Look at Apple's cash. It can invest in anything. It would be ridiculous to not expect them to be around (in 2075).”

Wozniak added that he expects Facebook and Google to be in similar positions of strength.

Big advancements and big business

The comments were made ahead of a speech Wozniak is scheduled to give at the Silicon Valley Comic Con titled ‘The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be in 2075?’ where he’s expected to speak about more than the future of Apple.

In his recent interview the man who predicted the rise of portable laptops in the early 80s also touched on some of his other predictions for the state of the planet come 2075. 

Wozniak is predicting that humanity will use the wide geographical spaces of its deserts in the future to create new cities and solve housing problems. Within these new cities and our existing cities, he also says AI will be “ubiquitous” and that we’ll use smart surfaces to communicate, shop, and be entertained.

Medical technology will advance to the point where we’ll be capable of self-diagnosis and doctor-free prescriptions, he imagines, though adds that “The question will be ethical, on whether we can eliminate the need for physicians.”

Outside of planet Earth, Wozniak is sure that by 2075 humanity will have established a colony on Mars but doesn’t have much hope for any alien communication: “It's worth trying but I don't have high hopes.”

Wozniak admits that it’s hard to reliably predict anything when things can change so quickly, stating “Who could have foreseen the rise of an Uber a decade ago?”

Regardless, it’s interesting to get an insight into which areas Wozniak sees the tech industry focusing in on and making the greatest advancements over the next 60 years as well as his certainty that the strength of big tech businesses can only increase. 

Emma Boyle

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