Android Oreo is coming to Android Wear watches from today

A new update will be heading to Android Wear watches from today that brings Android 8 Oreo-based features including some new battery saving enhancements and more.

It's not a major upgrade like Android Wear 2.0 was when it launched earlier this year - and it's likely Android Wear 3.0 will be bigger too - but it does bring some interesting tweaks to your watch.

There's a new touch lock function that's designed to disable the touchscreen when you're using your watch in the rain. Plus there's what's described as battery saving background limits.

There are also vibration strength settings that mean you can switch up the way it jiggles on your wrist and you can turn it down if you find the vibrations too irritating when you get a notification.

Further wrist tweaks

All this news comes from a blog post by Hoi Lam, Wearables Developer Advocate at Google, but it doesn't specify which watches will be getting the update.

The post confirms the update is coming from today, but it has only so far been spotted on the LG Watch Sport. We'll be sure to look out for the update on other watches, but much like the Android 8.1 update the roll out will be dependent on the watch manufacturers.

Google is also bringing support for seven new countries and languages, including Czech, Portuguese and a few versions of Spanish too.

James Peckham

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