A pet-tracker is being developed so you can avoid stepping on them in VR and IRL

VR games developer Triangular Pixels has kicked off a project that aims to make your home a safe space for pets and children while you’re romping around in virtual reality.

Used in conjunction with specially-developed code, the developers have crafted a harness that will allow trackers from HTC to be attached to your cat, dog or child, so that they will emit a warning when entering your playing field.

Speaking on the design process, Triangular Pixels creative director Katie Goode said “We need to make sure the device can be removed very swiftly from not so patient cats / dogs, and safely come off if it gets really caught,” further explaining that “the tracker itself is VERY light, so is perfect for this kind of fabric hacking.”

Pause for paws

Down the line, it could even be possible to track your little companion’s movements and have them ‘enter’ your game, making for all kinds of virtual reality shenanigans.

This is just one of the inevitable manifestations of ingenuity that these versatile HTC Vive Trackers have allowed for, but with the ability to apply them to almost any real-world object, there needs to be just as much attention paid to the development of safety precautions for VR players wielding baseball bats, golf clubs, and toy guns.

[Image courtesy of Triangular Pixels]

Harry Domanski
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