Sky Mobile customers can win a gigabyte of data for every goal scored in the Euros

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(Image credit: Sky Mobile)

It's Euros football time again and to make every goal that little bit more exciting Sky Mobile is giving away free data.

For those Sky Mobile customers that register to take part, every time England, Scotland or Wales score a goal in the Euros tournament, you will receive 1GB of free data.

While we'd like to say that can add up to a whole lot of data, we all know the track record of the Great British footballing efforts. That said, even a goal or two means a tasty data boost. At 1GB that could be enough to stream the entire game, without costing you on network data, for example.

Sky Mobile will add the 1GB of data to your Piggybank to be used as and when you need.

So if you are a Sky Mobile customer and will be cheering on the home nations when you watch The Euros this year, you might as well sign up for free to be in with a chance of getting free data.

To launch the activity, Sky Mobile is working with former England goalkeeper and football legend, David Seaman, who said “what better way to celebrate a goal than with a free data boost thanks to Sky Mobile?”

To sign up simply visit Sky and register your name, email and phone number details. 

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