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Yola Silver review

Yola Silver offers convenient tools that let you edit your website in your web browser

Yola Silver
Yola Silver offers all the web editing tools right there in the browser


  • Works in a browser
  • Easy to use tools
  • Well explained step-by-step process


  • More restrictive than desktop applications
  • Free templates locked down
  • Premium templates only unlocks CSS support

Yola has more in common with online website creation services like Geocities and Tripod than its desktop competitors. There are various pros and cons to consider when using an online website creation tool.

The benefits are that you can access and edit your website from any PC as long as it's connected to the internet, but the downsides are that web-based services aren't as powerful as most desktop software packages, and your site is often tied to the service's servers.

You can create a free website or a paid-for premium site. While the free websites you can create are perfectly acceptable and come with most of the features of the premium version, they only have basic templates and contain Yola adverts.

Paid-for Yola Silver accounts remove the branding and include a domain name, premium templates and advertising credits for Yahoo and Facebook. The price is quite steep at £62 a year, so it isn't ideal if you're just planning to make a personal website.

However, if you're making an e-commerce site, the Yola Silver account can help make your business stand out – and those advertising credits will come in handy too.

Creating a website took us no time at all, and Yola has one of the best interfaces we've seen. Creating an account and entering details of our site and company helped populate the website. This was done in a similar fashion to Web Easy Professional 8, but it was much more clearly laid out and explained, giving us a better idea of how the site would look.

There was a good selection of templates available, but the gulf between the free and premium templates is huge, with the free templates being very simple. We were able to edit the layout and background to some degree, and with a premium account we could edit the CSS styles, but nothing else.

Adding features was simple, and adding e-commerce features was particularly easy.

Though not as in-depth as some desktop applications, Yola offers a quick and easy way to create a website, though it does sometimes feel restrictive – especially the free version.

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