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Gadwin Print Screen Pro review

Does simple screen grab software hit the spot?

Gadwin Print Screen Pro
The tools at the top of Print Screen Pro's interface make quick alterations easy

Our Verdict

Not the most well-featured program, but it's powerful enough and easy-to-use


  • Great interface
  • Covers the essentials


  • No freeware version
  • Limited format support

In spite of the Pro tag, Gadwin's grabbing software, Print Screen Pro, has more modest applications than a lot of other paid screen capture applications. It can be set to load on start-up and can sit in the system tray waiting to be triggered.

There are two stages for capturing. An initial setup window deals with setting up grabs which can be made by hitting Print Screen or assigning a hotkey.

You can capture in full-screen, in a specific window or in a rectangular area and repeat captures can be scheduled at specified intervals up to one minute.

Image formats

Images can be saved in five formats which are the commonly used BITMAP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF. You can set the resolution in advance, specify quality for JPEG captures, ensure aspect ratios are maintained and opt to have a 'stamp' (a line of text that can be coloured if you want) automatically applied.

You can also use the software to e-mail or print grabs after capture. New captures appear in a separate editing application with features very similar to Microsoft's Paint.

You can flip, rotate and print grabs by clicking on icons along the bottom or get hands on with the editing tools that appear at the top of screen.

You can crop, resize and change the shape of images, add effects such as shadow and blur, alter contrast and brightness, draw on them with pens and add annotations.

And that's pretty much it for your $25.95 (there's an unrestricted 30-day trial) but it is reasonable considering how well Print Screen Pro is tailored to the needs of the TV grabber and how easy it is to use.

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