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Gear4 IceBox review

Extra protection for your iPhone

This budget iPhone sleeve does the job well enough, but doesn't seem particularly well-made

Our Verdict

Even more protection for that beloved iPhone


  • Cheap
  • Effective
  • Can still use all functions on iPhone


  • Not great quality

To protect iPhones, Apple decided to use glass screens instead of the usual iPod plastic, so scratch-resistant cases and sleeves such as this IceBox from Gear4 are a hard sell.

The IceBox wraps an iPhone in hard plastic but provides easy access to the controls and ports. There is nothing about the design that interferes with the iPhone controls; you can easily command the touchscreen through the plastic sheath.

A tight squeeze

One problem with the IceBox is the quality of the fit. It took a good few attempts and a bit of chin-scratching to make the case close properly around the iPhone. The lack of a gap between the sliding shoe and the iPhone body means a tight fit.

Even when properly aligned the case still doesn't sit quite flush, with one half of the design protruding a lip over the other. It's only one millimetre or so of raised plastic, but you can feel the edge.

The price is low, as with all Gear4 releases, but the quality isn't top-notch, which makes this a budget offering, at best.