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Hitachi add-on promises better iPod sound

Maxell's new audio dongle lets you enhance the sound quality of the music and video files on your Apple iPod

Hitachi Maxell is set to show off two new products at next week's CES 2008.

First up is the new Hitachi Maxell Audio Transmitter / Dongle which combines Bluetooth transmission with higher-end stereo technology and is compatible with any Apple iPod. It can be connected via the proprietary Apple DIN connector and transmits SRS WOW HD-encoded music to any Bluetooth device. The sound quality of your compressed audio and video files will be enhanced, developer SRS Labs says.

WOW HD is an advanced audio enhancement technology, which offers better width and improved bass, high frequency contouring and definition enhancement to your music and video files.

The second Hitachi product is a Bluetooth v2.0 stereo headset that works with the Hitachi Maxell Audio Transmitter / Dongle, or any other Bluetooth-enabled music devices including mobile phones, MP3 players and docking stations.

Pricing and launch details have still to be confirmed.