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Pioneer debuts wall-mounted iPod Kodo dock

Pioneer's wall-friendly iPod dock
Pioneer's wall-friendly iPod dock

Pioneer has released details of its latest range of Kodo iPod dock setups, the XW-NAW1.

Bringing two 30w audio speakers, the docks have also been equipped with something called 'neodymium tweetermagnets' – which isn't the name of a death metal band but speaker technology which brings "rich, powerful and outstanding sound".

Wall of sound

The speaker system is wall mountable and definitely looks the business.

According to Pioneer, it is a mere 83mm thick and has been equipped with a remote control so once it is hung on the wall, you don't have to keep getting up to change tracks etc.

The device NAW1 also has a component video out port, so you can also connect the system up to a TV to playback video.

And for those who don't want to wall-mount the thing, the NAW1 is also said to be portable enough to blast out songs on the go.

The Kodo XW-NAW1 has a UK release date of September and is priced at £199.