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GEAR4's cheap and cheerful iPod alarm clock

GEAR4's new iPod alarm clock
GEAR4's new iPod alarm clock

GEAR4 has launched the latest in its BlackBox range of cheap and very cheerful audio accessories – the BlackBox 24/7 – a rather fetching alarm clock radio with iPod dock.

'Wake up to sound AND light' GEAR4's release informs us, which does sound rather alarming indeed!

The BlackBox 24/7 features a 12-hour clock with two programmable alarms and what looks like a soothing ambient blue lamp.

Bedroom rock

The speaker's twin 2.75-inch drivers provide 16W total output for the inbuilt FM radio, your iPod or other music player (via line in) and it charges your iPod, so you are fully ready for the day ahead.

And while the audio quality might not be so good for the living room, it's fine for listening to the radio in the bedroom as you emerge from your slumber of a morning.

And the best thing? The BlackBox 24/7 only costs £50.