How to use Apple Wallet from the Lock Screen

How to use Apple Wallet from the Lock Screen

With iOS 9, Apple's Passbook app has been renamed Wallet and can now contain loyalty cards and passes in addition to any credit and debit cards you've set up with Apple Pay. Having all your stuff in one place makes finding and using it a snap, especially since Wallet can be accessed directly from the iPhone's Lock Screen. We'll tell you how to ensure this feature is enabled, and how to use it.

Setting up Wallet for use from the Lock Screen

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select "Wallet & Apple Pay"
  3. Toggle on "Double-click Home Button"

With this feature activated, Wallet cards and passes will be available from the Lock Screen using the instructions below.


With Wallet, you can use your cards and passes right from the Lock Screen.

Using Wallet from Lock Screen

To access Wallet cards and passes from the Lock Screen, just perform this single, simple step:

  • With your iPhone sleeping (or turned on, but not unlocked), double-click the Home button.

How easy was that? When you activate Wallet on the Lock Screen, your default Apple Pay card will display, ready for action. (Tap another card or pass to use it instead.)

Now all you need is a compatible NFC reader and your fingerprint to authorize the purchase.