How to hide your Facebook News Feed

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Facebook is one of those things that no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid. So many people, businesses, social groups, news publications, and more besides have a presence there. The reach of the social platform is impressive, and it can certainly be used for good. 

But there are also the bad parts of Facebook, and front and center is the News Feed. Facebook’s algorithm will do its thing and you’ll be presented with a hotchpotch of posts from your friends mingled with who knows what else. It’s a mess. 

Facebook obviously wants your eyes on the News Feed, but if you wish it would go away so you can just log in, talk to your friends, post a photo of your cat and leave without any fuss, you’re in luck. Here’s how to make it all disappear.

Facebook News Feed Eradicator

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How to hide your Facebook News Feed in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

If you’re running Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, or any other Chromium-based browser such as Opera or Brave, you can install a browser extension to make your Facebook News Feed vanish completely. 

The extension in question is called News Feed Eradicator and is available through the Chrome Web Store. Install it in your browser of choice and a basic settings page will load up. 

The extension can actually help with more than just Facebook, but to make your News Feed go away simply ensure the toggle next to ‘Facebook’ is enabled. Now, go to Facebook and instead of the cluttered News Feed, you’ll see an inspirational quote and nothing else.

How to hide your Facebook News Feed in Firefox

As with Chromium-based browsers, Firefox users can install the News Feed Eradicator extension to make the Facebook News Feed disappear, too. 

It’s available through Firefox Add-ons and works exactly the same way as it does on Chrome. 

Once installed, a basic settings page will load up, and you simply have to make sure the Facebook toggle is enabled. The News Feed will now be replaced with an inspirational quote and nothing more.

Quiet Facebook

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How to hide your Facebook News Feed in Safari

Safari doesn’t have quite the extension support that Chromium browsers or Firefox enjoy, but it’s still possible to hide your Facebook News Feed if you’re using Apple’s browser too. 

The easiest tool is called Quiet Facebook, and is available from the developer’s Github page. It provides a similar experience to the Chrome and Firefox extension, in that it wipes the News Feed from view entirely. You don’t get the fun quote, though. 

To install, either clone the repository to your Mac or download the provided .zip file. From there, Quiet Facebook can be enabled through the style sheet in Safari. Full instructions can be found on the same Github page.


Facebook will always split opinions, but it does have its uses. Fortunately, you can continue to use the service but make the experience as minimal as possible with some simple browser extensions. 

None of these extensions affect your friends’ pages or those of businesses, groups, or gaming profiles, they simply hide the clogged, messy News Feed, and make Facebook much more bearable.