Google just gave you more reasons to hold onto your original Pixel Watch

Google Pixel watch
The Google Pixel Watch is incoming (Image credit: Google)

The first generation Pixel Watch has finally received the Pixel Watch 2’s Do Not Disturb (or DND, for short) and the Bedtime Mode sync tools after several weeks of waiting.

These were originally announced back in early December as part of a Pixel Feature Drop, but for whatever reason, didn’t come out alongside everything else. As 9To5Google points out in its report, perhaps Google simply wanted to wait until the new year to release the patch as the publication confirms the two are currently rolling out. 

If you’re not familiar with either one, DND and Bedtime Mode function very similarly with some minor differences. The former allows users to silence all app notifications and incoming calls with the option to create exceptions for certain contacts or alarms. Bedtime Mode does the same thing while also turning off the always-on display at night so you can rest without having a bright light next to you. 

What’s more, these features will “sync across your devices” so you can silence notifications on your smartphone too just by activating either DND or Bedtime Mode. To turn them on, you’ll have to first open the Pixel Watch companion app, then go to the Notifications option under the Do Not Disturb & Bedtime section. It’ll be after the list of “on/off app alert toggles”, according to 9To5Google.

Potential updates

The publication goes on to say this update is a “server-side addition” meaning the tools will automatically be added to your smartwatch. You won’t have to download anything. Just keep an eye out for the patch when it arrives. 

What’s interesting is that the Pixel Watch is, according to the report, supposed to receive a “trio of Pixel Watch 2 features” however we’re only seeing two. It’s entirely possible we could see a third added to the older wearable – it could be an expansion of the Safety Check tool. However, as Android Central states, the missing third feature mayy be Watch Unlock, which came out on time in early December. This lets owners unlock their Pixel smartphone with their Pixel Watch without needing to use their biometric credentials.

It’s unknown if the older model will receive anything else from the Pixel Watch 2. The rest of the December update consisted primarily of cosmetic changes such as new watch faces and complications.

If you’re looking to get a Google wearable but don’t want to spend nearly $400 for one, you can get the original Pixel Watch for $280. It can offer a user experience comparable to the Pixel Watch 2 thanks to this recent upgrade. If you want other options, check out TechRadar’s guide to the best smartwatches for 2024.  

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