5 reasons why MPB is the best place for photography newcomers and seasoned veterans alike

Nikon D850 camera on yellow background
(Image credit: MPB)

If you pop over to MPB to browse its vast choice of used photo and video equipment, you’ll see the following quote at the bottom of every page:

“I take the same picture twice, first with my heart then camera.”

Attributed to famed wildlife photographer Biju Karrakonam, it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the platform. MPB is more than just a place to buy and sell equipment – it’s a better way for passionate photographers to access cameras and lenses that can help them achieve their very best creative endeavours, while also allowing others to pass on their beloved equipment so that other artists can provide them with a loving new home. 

From nabbing the tried and tested Canon EOS 5D Mark II (teamed with Canon’s trusty EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens) for under £500, to netting yourself the semi-pro Sony Alpha 6000, MPB has equipment for every skill level.

Despite this, the world of buying and selling used photography and video equipment might still, however, feel a little alien. Perhaps you’re an experienced photographer who’s only ever bought new equipment. Or maybe you’re just starting out on your shutterbug journey, and are finding things a little daunting. Either way, relax. You’re in safe hands, and there are plenty of reasons why snapping up used equipment is, in many cases, the absolute best option. 

Rather than take our word for it though, let’s dive a little deeper into all the numerous benefits of picking up used equipment from an established platform like MPB, which has helping photographers for more than a decade now.

Canon 50mm lens on red background

(Image credit: MPB)

Easier on your wallet

The first reason might seem a little obvious, but it’s definitely one of the most important advantages – buying used equipment is a great way to save yourself some precious cash. In fact, on average, you can save around a third on the overall cost of what you purchase compared to the original RRP. If you’re on the hunt for numerous bits of kit, those savings can easily add up to a significant amount. In fact, you could grab yourself an entirely new extra lens with the cash that would have otherwise been spent on paying full price.

In these times where savings are more important than ever, buying used equipment could even be the difference between kickstarting your photography career, and delaying it due to the normally higher equipment costs. Take the Fujifilm X-T4, for example. It’s a classic APS-C camera that’s constantly in high demand thanks to its rock-solid performance, and it’s more affordable at MPB than anywhere else.

Beginners can also grab a bargain in the form of Canon’s EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens. An iconic “nifty fifty” lens with a wider aperture and focal length that closely matches the human eye, it’ll form the backbone of any newcomer’s kit with superb results for years to come. Available from as little as £68 on MPB at the time of writing, it offers superb bang for your hard-earned buck.

MPB’s approach enables you to free up funds by selling before you spend.

Taking stock

Another huge benefit of buying used equipment is the fact that you’ll often find popular items that tend to be out of stock at most retailers. Currently, the electronics industry is, in general, experiencing production issues and delays that are affecting stock levels of certain items worldwide. While you might, for example, be struggling to find the insanely popular Canon R5 in stock due to production delays, MPB remains one of the most reliable stock sources around, letting you get your hands on the equipment you need the most, without delay. The same can be said for the much-loved Nikon D850, which can be found online at MPB in abundance. 

DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone on yellow background

(Image credit: MPB)

Variety is the spice of life

You’ll find more than just the most popular cameras at MPB. In fact, photographers and videographers with a passion for heights can even grab a bargain on popular drones, like the critically-acclaimed DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Despite being superseded by the Mavic 3 Pro, it remains a top-choice drone with a plethora of ground-breaking features to help you create incredible, cinematic shots.

Buying a used Mavic 2 Pro from MPB offers one of the best, most affordable ways to wrap your hands around one of the most impressive consumer drones ever made, at a much more affordable price. Put the extra cash you save towards some spare batteries, and you’ll be flying for hours on end creating incredible footage, with no worries.

Pass it on

As you progress through your photography and/or videography journey you’ll find yourself developing your skills and looking towards upgrading your equipment as you improve. Instead of letting your old kit gather dust though, why not give your cameras, lenses and accessories a new lease of life, so that they can be a part of someone else’s creative journey?

Selling on MPB not only lets your equipment carry on doing what it does best, but you can also use the proceeds to help fund your upgrades. According to MPB’s 2022 Unused Tech Survey, more than half (53%) of UK adults have unused cameras in their homes, with 22% having two or more going unused. With an average seller payout of £650, you could be sitting on a veritable goldmine of gear that could let you upgrade far sooner than you originally thought.

Reduce waste

In an age where the importance of sustainability is more important than ever, it’s important to look at how we can help reduce waste and unnecessary consumption. Reselling your equipment not only allows more of us to explore our passions, but it’s better for the environment too.

Rather than end up in a landfill, used equipment can continue to provide joy for many users over generations to come, reducing pollution and improving sustainability in the process. Even MPB’s packaging is waste-free and made from sustainably sourced card and paper with no plastic – the company’s goal is to be 100% circular, and that means both its stock and how it operates.

And even if you take that out of the equation, there’s something rather poetic about knowing that the camera and lens you started out with are going to a new home, where they can help someone else’s skills blossom into something beautiful and unique.