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Walmart's Google Home Mini + Frozen 2 book bundle is an early Black Friday steal

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(Image credit: Google)

Walmart has essentially become the de facto retailer for Google Home accessories in the face of Amazon's Echo empire, and this latest deal is one of its best yet.

In one of its best early Black Friday deals yet, Walmart is selling the Google Home Mini speaker bundled with a Frozen 2 Golden Book by Disney for less than the cost of the speaker on its own.

Google Home Mini + Frozen 2 book is $49 $39 on Walmart
This deal not only takes a cool $10 off the list price for Google Home Mini, but includes a Frozen 2 Golden Book that features some interactivity with the speaker while reading.View Deal

The Google Home Mini would already be a steal at this price, but the bundled Golden Book seals the deal. When reading this Frozen 2 book to your little one, you can say "Hey Google, let's read along with Frozen 2."

This allows the speaker to listen as you read the text, interspersing fun sound effects and voice overs throughout designed to enhance the experience. Better yet, this feature works with an extensive list of modern Golden Book releases. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.