The brand new Samsung QD-OLED 4K TV is already discounted by $200

The Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV next to a 'Lowest Price' sign
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Samsung hasn’t even launched its new QD-OLED TV yet (preorders went live on March 17) but you can already find discounts that take a decent chunk off the RRP.

Right now if you head to you’ll find it selling the Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV (55-inch) for $2,198 - that’s $202-off the asking price. If you’re seeing this you might want to act fast though, as the 65-inch model (which was also discounted) has already sold out.

That said, if you aren’t the quickest off the draw then a very similar offer is available on preorders at Samsung’s own store. The Samsung S95B TV (55-inch) is £2,200, while the Samsung S95B TV (65-inch) is down to $3,000 (saving you $200 and $500 respectively.

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Today's best Samsung QD-OLED deal

Samsung S95B QD-OLED 4K TV: $2,400 $2,198 at Amazon
Save $202 -

Samsung S95B QD-OLED 4K TV: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$2,400 $2,198 at Amazon
Save $202 -
It's not even out yet, but Amazon has a solid $202 discount on Samsung's latest QD-OLED TVs that boast the excellent color qualities of QLEDs with OLED's contrast to produce a next-level home cinema experience.

Samsung’s new QD-OLED TVs are pretty pricey for the size of display and resolution that you’re getting, so how is it justifying the cost of entry? Well, QD-OLED TVs are brand new in 2022, with only Sony and now Samsung offering them.

By now you’ve probably heard of quantum dot or QLED TVs (especially if you’re a Samsung TV fan) and you’ll probably be aware of OLED screens too; QD-OLED is effectively a combination of both.

The QLED element gives the display’s images a bright and color-filled look, while the OLED aspects bring excellent contrast (especially in darker scenes) so you never lose track of what’s happening onscreen.

It’s somewhat similar to LG’s OLED Evo panels (that you can find in its upcoming LG C2 and LG G2 TVs) but will likely operate as a truer combination of OLED and QLED display tech. LG’s OLED Evo still leans more into the OLED side of things.

However, the performance boost will come at a price. Based on what we’ve seen so far, and given that the tech is still so new, you’ll almost certainly be paying more for a QD-OLED than an OLED Evo TV in 2022. 

Sales and deals on Samsung’s S95B TVs are likely to be few and far between, so if you’re desperate to see what its new display tech has to offer then you’ll want to take advantage of this preorder discount while you can.

If you feel like you can hold off for another few years or so though we’d recommend it. As production ramps up - and QD-OLED displays become easier to manufacture - we’ll likely see them drop down to a much more budget-friendly price.

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