Five-star rated Samsung S95C gets first discount in early Memorial Day TV sales

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The Memorial Day sales have officially launched at Samsung this week, and, as you'd expect, they include some great price cuts on some of the best TVs you can buy right now.

For example, there's a $100 discount on the Samsung S95C, an incredible OLED TV that we graded five stars out of five when we reviewed it just last month. This is the first-ever discount on this premium display, and it's available with price cuts for every size variant today, from 55-inches all the way to 75.

For the more budget conscious, a good pick is the Samsung Q60C, which retails for $699.99 (was $799) for its 55-inch variant. We haven't reviewed this one personally at TechRadar (yet), but we were big fans of the previous Q60B model since it offered a fantastic picture and a reasonably priced entry point into the world of Samsung QLEDs. At $699, it's still not a cheap 4K TV by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a good buy if you want a quality set without breaking the bank.

Both these Samsung TV deals are great buys in today's Memorial Day sales, and we've also highlighted today's price on The Frame as another good option - particularly if you want something a little different. For more recommendations, head to our Memorial Day TV sales for the best deals around the web.

3 great Memorial Day TV deals at Samsung today

1. Samsung 55-inch S95C Smart UHD 4K OLED TV: was $2,499now $2,399 at Samsung
 65-inch: $3,299$3,199 | 75-inch: $4,499$4,399

1. Samsung 55-inch S95C Smart UHD 4K OLED TV: was $2,499 now $2,399 at Samsung
The S95C isn't just one of the best TVs that Samsung makes, it's one of the best OLED TVs on the market right now, period. It's pricey, but our Samsung S95C review awarded a gorgeous display five stars out of five thanks to its exceptional brightness, color volume, and sharpness. This is a flagship display with a flagship price, but it's a TV that gets an easy recommendation thanks to its outstanding picture quality.
65-inch: $3,299 $3,199 | 75-inch: $4,499 $4,399

2. Samsung 55-inch Q60C Smart UHD 4K QLED TV: was $799now $699 at Samsung
65-inch: $899 | 70-inch: $1,099 | 75-inch: $1,299 

2. Samsung 55-inch Q60C Smart UHD 4K QLED TV: was $799 now $699 at Samsung
A much more reasonably priced option in today's Memorial Day TV sales at Samsung, the Q60C is the brand's entry-level QLED TV. This 60Hz model is a great choice for the every-day budget-conscious viewer since you still get a decent QLED display at a reasonable budget. Next-gen gamers may want to consider bumping up to a higher-end model, however, since the Q60C doesn't support 120Hz at 4K, unlike some of Samsung's more premium QLED displays.
65-inch: $899 | 70-inch: $1,099 | 75-inch: $1,299 

3. Samsung 55-inch The Frame Smart UHD 4K QLED TV: was $1,499now $1,399 at Samsung
65-inch: $1,699 | 75-inch: $2,199 | 85-inch: $1,299

3. Samsung 55-inch The Frame Smart UHD 4K QLED TV: was $1,499 now $1,399 at Samsung
Like the idea of a TV that's 'not just a TV' but a bona fide piece of art? The Frame is designed to act as a centerpiece in the room with a design that can function as a high-quality QLED TV and as a gorgeous picture frame for art or your family pictures. It's certainly unique, comes in a range of different bezel options, and has a nice matte finish that keeps the reflections down to a minimum.
65-inch: $1,699 | 75-inch: $2,199 | 85-inch: $1,299

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