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Compare broadband deals

Choosing broadband should be simple: here’s the speed, here’s the price, here’s the order form. But it’s rarely like that. You have to chose between fibre and ADSL, decide whether you’re better off with a broadband and TV bundle and worry about how long the contract lasts. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do your homework for you and show you the broadband deals you actually want?

Hello! Is it we you’re looking for? We think it is.

We built our broadband comparison chart just for you. It cuts the hard sell and gets to the point, showing you the deals available, how they compare to rivals, and whether you can get a better price for your home broadband. You can filter out bundles (or show nothing but), specify the speed you need and even filter by price and upfront cost. It’s great, and useful, and free.

How to use the TechRadar broadband comparison chart

Once you’ve entered your postcode at the top of the chart, you can make use of the filters to see the available broadband deals by package (broadband only, broadband/phone or broadband/phone/TV), provider, speed and type. So if you’re only interested in super fast fibre you can filter the standard ADSL products out.

You can also choose your preferred contract length, and specify how much you want to pay – monthly as well as any up-front cost. The results show the most important features first; just click to see more detail.

Postcode checker: see the broadband deals in your area

It’s important to put your postcode into our broadband deals finder because, sadly, the very fastest services aren’t available to everybody. Fibre may be available to 95% of premises but, that number falls to around 85% in Northern Ireland and less than 80% in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. And Virgin broadband deals can be pretty selective, too.

Ultrafast broadband, which offers speeds of 100Mb-plus, is available to roughly 70% of London premises, but only a third in Wales and a titchy barely anywhere in the Highlands. Super fast coverage is getting better, but slowly.

Broadband, TV and phone bundles

Sometimes a cheap broadband only deal isn’t as cheerful as it first looks - a broadband and phone bundle, or a package that includes internet and TV services, can work out cheaper than buying them individually.

For example, BT Broadband frequently adds value by throwing in BT Sport and extra channels on the cheap if you upgrade from the standard plan. And more often than not it includes a juicy pre-paid Mastercard, too. 

What broadband speed do you really need?

Broadband speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mb or Mbps for short). The headline number isn’t the actual speed you get, though: real world speeds are much lower, so bear that in mind when you’re shopping around.

0-25Mb is best avoided (if possible - in some places it’s all you can get get), although it is the cheapest way to go. Streaming HD video can be choppy at peak times or when you’ve got several connected devices.

25-50Mb is the sweet spot. It’s good enough for HD video and gaming, doesn’t slow to a crawl when the kids connect and doesn’t cost too much.

50Mb+ is brilliant but pricey. It's certainly nice to have, but not so nice you should pay through the nose for it unless there are throngs of folk in your home or you're committed to streaming everything in 4K.

Standard ADSL or super fast fibre

ADSL is cheap. It uses copper telephone wires to deliver speeds of up to 24Mb but upload speeds are miserable and it’s badly affected by distance. If you’re far from the exchange, you get a slower connection.

Fibre to the Cabinet, where only the last few yards use copper, tops out at 40 or 80Mb depending on the provider. Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is faster still – 100Mb or more – but it can’t use copper, so it’s mainly limited to new buildings. If you want the fastest speeds, you're going to have to grab a fibre broadband deal.

Be sure of your contract length

Providers want long-term relationships, almost always 12 months or 18 months. It's often the longer terms that get discounted setup, bargain bundles and goodies such as cashback or pre-paid reward cards. Just be sure it’s what you actually want - you can’t back out of a sports or movie channel subscription if you change your mind after a couple of months.

Can I order these broadband deals over the phone?

It's a bit of a yes and no, this one. If you'd feel more confident talking to somebody first, you can only do so if your chosen broadband deal is from one of the below providers. Dial the relevant number and order away:

- Sky broadband: 08000-142-334
- Virgin broadband: 0808-281-2998
- TalkTalk broadband: 08000-492-103

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