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Black Friday ads 2019: when do ads from Target, Walmart and Best Buy come out?

Black Friday ads
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Black Friday ads, often scanned and leaked before retailers want them out there, are usually our first preview of what will be on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's nearly November, so we're expecting to see more ad scans rather soon.

When do Black Friday ads come out? It all depends on major store chains like Target, Walmart and Best Buy, which issue flyers inside of newspapers. In the past, someone typically scans the ads and leaks them online ahead of their intended publication.

The thing is, a handful retailers have themselves been known to generate their own Black Friday ad leaks. They caught on to the hype train of giving the public a way to preview price drops and generate buzz in the news. It's worked.

Black Friday ads, whether they're real leaks or retail store promotions, give us price drop information days and even weeks ahead of the online shopping season. While Black Friday is Friday, November 29, the day after Thanksgiving, you should expect the first real ads scans to land in early November.

There are few Black Friday flyers for 2019, but we have already seen the major “2019 Toy List” flyers from big-deal retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart. So, let’s highlight the major toys and tech products that have appeared in these toy lists for a better idea of what to expect from this year’s Black Friday ads.

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Amazon 2019 Toy List

Nintendo Switch: This one is kind of a given for 2019, but Amazon has listed it at its normal price … for now. While we generally don’t expect price cuts on Nintendo Switch Lite, we’d be surprised not to see the larger model at least enjoy some bundled deals.

Fire Tablet Kids Edition: When it comes to Amazon, you can expect all of its tablets to experience deals on Black Friday. Right now, it costs $99 in the US – we’ve seen it come down to around $60 during Prime Day, so expect similar discounts for the top shopping day of the year.

Lego Hogwarts, Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet: Both of these toys are bound to be huge for Black Friday, especially with the recent releases of “Avengers: Endgame” and “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald.” We’d be surprised if one or neither of these were to receive a Black Friday 2019 discount.

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Target 2019 Toy List

Nintendo Switch: Yup, expect to see an absolute ton of Nintendo Switch deals this year, and Target will not be one to pass those up. Again, we only expect to see deals and bundles on the traditional (i.e. non-Lite) Switch models, though that’s no bad thing.

Hoverboards: Target has explicitly listed a hoverboard in its 2019 Toy List, leading us to anticipate some hot hoverboard deals for Black Friday 2019. Somehow, these things are still popular, but hey, we don’t make the rules. If anyone in your life wants a hoverboard, it looks like Target will be a go-to destination.

Avengers figures: With one of the highest-grossing films of all time having released earlier this year, it should be no surprise to see lots of Avengers figures and other toys to be on sale for dirt cheap this Black Friday. Target apparently looks to be a leader on that front, so prepare accordingly.

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Walmart 2019 Toy List

Nintendo Switch: Are you getting the point yet? Nintendo’s money-printing console is going to be an absolutely huge focus for just about every retailer on Black Friday, Walmart included. Of course, we’ll be watching out for just which retailers have the absolute best Switch deals.

Budget gaming laptops: Walmart has explicitly listed the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop in its 2019 Toy List, telegraphing that it will offer a number of deals on gaming laptops. Of course, we expect to see this trend ripple throughout Black Friday retailers, but perhaps Walmart hopes to lead that charge.

Xbox One S bundles: We expect to see Microsoft’s more affordable Xbox One console get bundle deals left and right this year in hopes of cutting into Nintendo’s Switch sales. However, Walmart is the only retailer of these three to list the console in its 2019 Toy List, which should speak for something.

More Black Friday ad scans to come

We're going to be amassing Black Friday ad scans here when we see them leak in the news, so you'll have a place to find all of the flyers. 

Since November is around the corner and the Black Friday date is later than ever, we're going to have plenty of time to preview price drops. Likewise, retailers who see the first Black Friday ads are going to have time to react and drop their prices. That's only a good thing for bargain-hunting consumers.