1More has made the best wired headphones even better with five drivers and planar tech

1MORE Penta Driver P50
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1MORE makes the Triple Driver headphones, a five-star set that we currently rate among the best headphones you can buy when it comes to audio bang for your actual bucks. So it's a bit of an understatement to say we're excited by the news of an even better, more premium model. There may well be fisticuffs in the office when 1MORE PENTA DRIVER P50 come in for review. 

The PENTA DRIVER P50, to stick with 1MORE's excessive capitalisation, are based on the Triple Driver wired in-ear headphones and even better sounding Quad Driver in-ears. But in best Spinal Tap style, they take everything up to eleven. And they do it for considerably less money than you might expect.

1MORE PENTA DRIVER P50: key features and specifications

The P50 is based around premium components and equally premium materials. The exterior body is made from aluminum, with an ergonomic over-ear design to keep them in place. Inside there's a diamond-like carbon (DLC) dynamic driver and four balanced armature drivers (planar diaphragm units). 

That DLC driver is an industry first, and according to 1MORE it delivers incredible clarity and accuracy for bass frequencies – the very frequencies that tend to be a bit wobbly on some otherwise impressive headphones. Bass is also tamed by the use of planar diaphragm units, which arguably deliver better sound quality than the more commonly used dynamic drivers. 

The trade-off tends to be in increased energy use, but that's not really an issue with wired headphones. The four armatures promise an expansive and natural sound stage, and the whole package is certified for Hi-Res Audio.

I really want to hear these, especially through one of the best portable DACs or with one of the best hi-res audio players. And I'm impressed by the price tag too: at just $169 / £169 / $259 they're relatively cheap for high-end headphones. The P50s are available now directly from 1More and from Amazon too.

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