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Ohanaware Funtastic Photos review

Simple, fun and easy-to-use photo editing tool that's perfect for the beginner

Ohanaware Funtastic Photos
The automatic image styles include quick fixes as well as stylistic options

Our Verdict

Simple and cheap tool that offers beginners a safe way to experiment with pictures


  • Non-destructive editing process
  • Fun built-in themes
  • Good set of more advanced tools
  • Cheap


  • Interface has some quirks
  • Likelihood is you'll quickly outgrow it

Photo editing applications can be incredibly scary things to new users with their numerous palettes, windows and tools.

iPhoto does a good job of simplifying the editing process but it still lacks quite a few features. Step forward Funtastic Photos.

Funtastic Photos offers nondestructive editing so that no matter what changes you make your original image is always available. The editing options range from a set of pre-defined styles to a host of advanced tools such as levels, white balance and sharpening.

You can send your images to a number of locations including Flickr and Picasa, as well as MobileMe and Facebook. The Print Layout option enables you to create simple collages of your images. It's a fairly comprehensive list of features.

The Funtastic interface is a bit like a Mac OS X Finder window on steroids and it can take a little getting used to. However, once you've located the images you want to edit it's a simple case of doubleclicking and getting on with it.

The built-in styles might not be to all tastes, but there's a decent range of options and the Rewind To Original tool leaves you in no danger of accidentally destroying an image. It does this by making you save a copy of the image rather than editing the original, so you do end up with two copies of your picture should you make any changes.

If you have a copy of Photoshop then Funtastic Photos isn't for you, but if the idea of photo editing sends shivers down your spine then this is a good step up from iPhoto. It doesn't require you to move away from iPhoto for organising your images either. The export and print options also add to the package.