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Maxfield G-Flash Metal review

Does the G-Flash offer enough for its price?

Our Verdict

We found the G-Flash too pricey for what it offers


  • Good sound quality
  • Sennheiser headphones included


  • Doesn't offer enough for the price
  • Small display prevents easy navigation

This MP3 Player is slightly larger than a regular USB memory key. Finished in aluminium, it comes with Toni Braxton's Libra album pre-installed.

Magix MP3 software is provided to turn your CD collection into a digital format, although the menu system for the software is unintuitive. However, you can simply drag and drop music on to the G-Flash once you've turned it into an MP3 or WMA format.

Sound quality is good on the provided Sennheiser headphones, and the G-Flash is a capable music player. However, switching between albums is time consuming, due to a slow navigation process and small display.

The OLED display consumes less energy than standard LEDs, helping the G-Flash to a maximum of 18 hours of music on a single battery. Although competent, we found the G-Flash too pricey for what it offers. Mike Myers