Toshiba 37CV505D review

It may not be Full HD, but we still warmed to this 37in Toshiba

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Our Verdict

At the price, you do get a fair bit for your money, and even without Full HD, pictures still look good


  • Looks good
  • Offers all the basics, Reasonable image quality


  • Not Full HD
  • Limited audio performance

If you're keen to keep up with your gadget-mad neighbours, you'll doubtless want the latest Full HD, HDMI 1.3, DeepColor, 60in flatscreen TV; but if your ambitions are a bit more modest, there are perfectly acceptable entry-level HD-Ready TVs to be had, including the Toshiba 37CV505D.

The Regza brand consistently delivers above-average design and engineering, and the 505D plays its part accordingly.

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The simple design, with gloss black finish and rounded edges, is unlikely to offend. It comes with a pedestal stand, but can also be wall-mounted, or set on an optional floor-stand.

Fully-featured LCD TV

The rear of the set boasts the usual array of connections: two Scarts, one of which is RGB-capable; two HDMI v1.3 sockets; component video; VGA to connect your PC; optical digital audio output; and
a variable level subwoofer output. Side-mounted inputs include S-video, composite, a third HDMI and a CI slot.

Eco-warriors will be pleased to see that the set features a real 'full off' switch, hidden on the side.

Features include Regza Link CEC control, which will identify compatible HDMI sources, display their onscreen labels and allow them to be controlled via the TV; and a Luma Sens system which adjusts screen contrast to ambient lighting conditions.

Crisp HD pictures

Pictures are adequate straight out of the box, but reducing the backlight setting brings improvements,
making off-air images a little less overcooked, and tweaking the colour temperature makes DVDs appear less garish.

MPEG Digital Noise Reduction and 3D Digital Comb Filter work well. Blu-ray material exhibits plenty of picture detail, even when it's downscaled to 720p. Fast-moving action is handled reliably, with minimal image smearing.

The quoted viewing angle of 178° degrees is a little optimistic, as off-axis the picture rapidly loses quality. Sonically, the 20W system is little more than functional, so don't expect a big movie experience.

At this size, I would suggest the limited HD resolution is not a big issue in terms of perceived picture quality. Images are crisp and pleasing, and SD sources are surprisingly well rendered. Overall,
I'd rate this set as a fair buy.