• Good online features
  • Flicker-free, bright 3D images
  • Good set-up flexibility
  • Often impressive 2D pictures


  • Passive 3D pictures not as or sharp as active shutter
  • Some line structure issues
  • High input lag damages gaming
  • Serious backlight consistency problems

This 3D format war is well and truly on, with extravagant claims, outraged counterclaims, legal threats and even a bit of swearing. Somewhere in the middle of all the posturing, the 3D TVs at the heart of this impassioned conflict are starting to arrive.

In the active 3D corner there have been very positive reviews of Samsung's 55-inch UE55D8000, 46-inch UE46D7000 and Panasonic's TX-L32DT30B and TX-P50GT30B, while in the passive camp LG earned a rave write-up for its 47LW550T.

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So hopes have to be high that the 55LW650T – a step up the range from the 47LW550T – will continue the run of good, competitive form.

As its name suggests, the 55LW650T has a 55-inch screen. Which means it should reveal with even more clarity all the various potential strengths and weakness of LG's preference for the passive 3D format.

After all, as well as being bigger, the 55LW650T also outguns the 47LW550T in the contrast department (9,000,000:1 versus 8,000,000:1), the motion handling department (it's got 200Hz compared to the LW550T's 100Hz) and on response time (2.0ms against 2.4ms).

The 55LW650T is also distinguished by its carriage of LG's rather swanky new Smart TV system, edge LED lighting with 'spot control' and all manner of multimedia file playback options. If the 55-inch model is too big for you, it's also available in 42-inch (the 42LW650T) and 47-inch (47LW650T) variations.

If you fancy a significantly cheaper slice of LG's passive 3D action, you'll need to step down to the LW450U series, though you should bear in mind that this only has 100Hz, rather than 200Hz processing and doesn't carry any Smart TV functions.