Cello C42T71DVB-3D

Cut-price 3D TV mixes new tech with old

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  • Low-cost 3D glasses
  • Strong multi-media file playback via USB
  • DRM-free PVR recordings onto USB


  • CCFL backlight compromises design
  • Average 2D picture performance
  • No Freeview HD tuner
  • Passive 3D has a tight viewing sweet spot
  • Lightweight audio
  • Chunky remote

Cello may not be a household name, but this UK-based operation has found a niche producing budget TVs with a high-tech twist.

The C42T71DVB-3D is its first 3D-ready offering. It uses an FPR (Film Pattern Retarder) Passive 3D panel sourced from LG, rather than Active Shutter technology, and includes four pairs of passive glasses in the box.

Despite fashionable 3D compatibility, the set uses an old school CCFL backlight. This means it doesn't have the slender profile of rival LED 3D sets. The cabinet is 107mm deep. Of course, viewed front-on you wouldn't really guess it's so lardy.

The design is steadfastly generic; a wide, glossy bezel measuring 39mm, frames the matt screen. Build quality is lightweight and plasticky. The display sits atop a pedestal, which swivels to suite your viewing position.

The C42T71DVB-3D doesn't have access to any IPTV content. Unlike Cello's iViewer screens, there's no Ethernet, so no BBC iPlayer and its ilk. The unit does however have a multimedia USB reader, allowing audio and video files to be played back. It will also record TV shows directly onto an external USB drive.

The 42-inch C42T71DVB-3D sits below the brand's look-a-like 47-inch C47T71DVB-3D, which sells for between £699 and £799. There's no difference in specification between the two models.