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Samsung: Connected devices can replace books in schools

Samsung: Connected devices can replace books in schools
Current connected devices just scratching education's surface?

Samsung believes that its technology can revolutionise UK schools, with the electronics giant claiming that the likes of its Microsoft Surface toting SUR40 along with tablets and laptops are powerful tools for education.

Samsung's vice president of IT in the UK, Graham Long believes the poor humble book can be consigned to the past, with 3D monitors and connected devices taking the lead.

"Imagine schools without books, but with 3D displays, connected devices for every student in the classroom, and homework submitted online via the cloud," he said.

"This can be a reality with Samsung's range of AV and computing products."

BETT on it

Samsung is exhibiting at the BETT 2012 conference, where it will showcase the SUR40 interactive table alongside the SDP-860 Visualiser, the 700T Slate PC and ranges of laptops.

They will be featured alongside Samsung's "Power over Ethernet Cloud Computing" technology with Thin Client Displays compatible with Citrix and Microsoft and Zero Client displays compatible with VMware.

Long added: "Samsung is leading the market in cloud displays, and with its broad range of products for the education sector will open up virtualised learning for classrooms all over the UK."