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Meg Whitman ramps up Surface tension, declares Microsoft 'outright competitor'

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It's war

Microsoft risked a ticking off from its OEM partners by launching its own-brand Surface tablets last year, and now it looks like the decision has come back to bite the devices and services company on its shiny VaporMg-clad behind.

Today's comments come from HP's disgruntled CEO Meg Whitman, who told analysts that Microsoft and Intel have swung from long-time partners to "outright competitors", reports.

Whitman concedes that HP was late to the post-PC party, as "Wintel-based devices are being aggresively displaced by ARM-based PCs and mobile devices," which include Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets.

Made with Google

HP's year-on-year financial performance took a tumble in May and August, so it would be easy to cast off Whitman's comments as sour grapes.

However, she appears to be backing up her words by forging a stronger alliance with Google, the evidence of which can be seen in HP's attractive Chromebook 11 that bears the slogan "Made with Google" on its underside.

She also points to other areas of the business where HP competes with Intel and others, such as cloud computing products that include software-defined networking (SDN) switches and HP's line of "Moonshot" servers to help HP in its ongoing turnaround.

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