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Amazon aims to keep you entertained as you shop with YouTube-style videos

Amazon aims to keep you entertained as you shop with new YouTube-style video service
Watch trailer, buy toys

Amazon has ventured into YouTube's territory with a new Video Shorts section that offers over 100,000 free music videos, movie trailers, concerts, interviews and more.

However, rather than seeking to sell ads, Amazon is hoping you'll buy products related to the video you're watching.

So, for example, if you browse to The Beatles Anthology video, there's a bunch of 'related items' links attempting to entice you to part with the pennies on Beatles CDs, vinyl LPs and the like.

If you watch movie trailers, you'll be shown links to DVDs, digital downloads and, in the case of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, action figures.

How to buy

As well as all of that entertainment content, there's also sections how-to videos based around food, technology and beauty.

For example, the video on 'the best coffee maker' will naturally encourage viewers to buy that item from the side-loaded links

Some would say that's a pretty smart ploy...

Via Variety