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Samsung's Bada OS growing faster than Windows Phone

Windows Phone is only doing as well as Bada
Nokia's Windows Phones are moving, unlike the rest

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has an equal amount of market share as Samsung's Bada OS.

According to Gartner's latest figures, Windows Phone and Bada hold 2.7 per cent of the global mobile device market each.

That's far less than RIM's 5.2 per cent share, although the BlackBerry maker has dropped 6.5 per cent while Bada is up 1.9 per cent and Windows Phone is up 1.6 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2011.

Doing the math

Microsoft's Windows Phone has sold just over 4.087 million handsets during Q2 2012: that's a little under what Microsoft reckoned it had shipped in the quarter (5.1 million).

Nokia reported that it had shipped 4 million Lumia handsets in the same quarter – shipping and physically selling handsets aren't quite the same but if you crunch the numbers then it's clear that Nokia's the only manufacturer shifting any significant numbers of Windows Phone handsets.

Lucky for Microsoft, it's still making shed loads of cash from licensing its patents to Android makers.

Via TechCrunch