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Samsung boosts music phone line-up in Europe

The latest handsets to join Samsung's European line-up of music-oriented phones include high-speed HSDPA internet connections and sufficient creature comforts to make them viable as both phones and dedicated music players.

All three become available in Italy and Germany over the next few weeks before moving to other territories soon after, with the pick of the bunch being the SGH-i450.

Works both ways

The Symbian-powered smartphone features the useful trick of acting as a phone when its keypad slides one way and as an audio player when it goes the in other direction. HSDPA at up to 3.6Mbit/s, 35MB of internal memory and support for up to 4GB on a microSD card complete a nice package.

Otherwise, the F330 sports similar features but has hardware music-control buttons up front for easy access and 24MB of memory augmented by support for up to 2GB on a microSD.

Lastly, the slim F210 phone has 1GB of its own memory and room for 2GB more on an external card. The most obvious nod to its music-playing aspirations is an iPod-like scroll wheel below the screen, although it's the only one of the newcomers not to support HSDPA. More details on all the phones will appear soon on Samsung's website.