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Mobile phone for 4-year-olds is nothing but bully bait

Mobile phone for 4-year-olds is bully bait
'I was going to bully you but changed my mind when I saw your awesome phone'

Thank goodness – we finally have a solution to all those muggings of four-year-olds. It really was becoming a problem.

The answer comes in the form of the hiply-named 1stFone (Get it? Becoz thts hw we txt) aimed at kids aged between four and nine sold as a bully-proof (yeah right), theft-proof phone that can't do anything beyond making and receiving calls.

If you ask us, it just feels like an attempt to turn a profit out of parent fears. And only adding strength to that argument is the price tag of £55 (around $85/AUS$85). Seriously guys? It has about as much functionality as a walkie-talkie.


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