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Samsung releases Hugo Boss handset

Why? £400... why?
Why? £400... why?

In another 'let's take a normal mobile phone and put a label on it' moment, Samsung has launched the Hugo Boss F480.

While we could stomach the likes of the Prada phone, as it was at least innovative with its touch screen, this phone is just a re-hashed version of the F480.

Luckily the standard F480 is a decent enough handset, with a 5MP camera, 2.8in touchscreen and HSDPA connection speeds, and the new version hasn't lost any of those specs.

Four hundred pounds

But what are you paying your £400 (yes, £400) for, we hear you cry? Well, get this: new icons (yes, really), wallpaper (fashionable) and a selection of ringtones that 'reflects the Hugo Boss style'. Oh dear.

Oh, and it's got Hugo Boss written on the front. Can't forget that important info.

If you want to get one of these handsets / hate money and want pointless things, then head on to The Carphone Warehouse's website during December.