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Samsung backs tiny French IoT outfit

Samsung ARTIK

Samsung Ventures is to invest in a small, little known French startup called SigFox and has confirmed that it will be using its technology in its recently announced IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Artik. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

SigFox joins GSM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as the fourth protocol for internet connectivity on Artik. The technology is already used in a dozen countries across Europe and uses Ultra Narrow Band (UNB).

The latter uses the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) spectrum, sub-1GHz frequency, unlicensed, bands for data connectivity, in a way similar to another competing technology, Weightless.

The company claims that UNB is key to provide a "scalable, high capacity" network with a low power consumption (between 20mA and 70mA) and a lean management overhead.

SigFox announced a $115 million round of funding earlier this year as it plans to accelerate its worldwide roll out of its dedicated IoT network, Telefonica, NTT Docomo and SK Telekom being among the backers in this round.

The company had raised about $35 million previously.