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Sharp shows off affordable iPod dock/soundbar

Sharp - Twenty-ten generation indeed
Sharp - Twenty-ten generation indeed

Sharp has announced the HT-SB400 soundbar system and the DK-AP8P iPod dock describing them as 'chic, affordable sound for the "Twenty-ten" generation'.

Although we're not exactly sure what the Twenty-ten generation is, the kit is more straightforward with the 2.1-channel Sharp DK-AP8P iPod featuring a built in subwoofer, HDSS, video out and SRS WOW.

The dock also has a unique detachable control panel for remote control and can be run off either batteries or the mains.

Sharp HT-SB400

The Sharp HT-SB400 is a 3.1-channel soundbar system, with subwoofer pre-out 32W RMS, SRS WOW, touch and remote controls.

The system features two front speaker, two centre speakers and two subwoofers, and is billed as an ideal accompaniment to Sharp's popular AQUOS television range.

Grace Liang, Product Manager, Audio, Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd, said: "Both the DK-AP8NS and HT-SB400 offer our customers a great value for money proposition.

"These affordable new models will bring style and powerful sound quality to any living space."

The DK-AP8P has a UK release date of January 2010 with an RRP of £100. The HT-SB400 will be available from John Lewis from February 2010 with an RRP of £180.