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Samsung Galaxy Tab UK price dips below £600

Samsung Galaxy Tab now with revised pricing
Samsung Galaxy Tab now with revised pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has seemingly got a price reduction before it is even released in the UK, with e-tailer Amazon offering the iPad rival at a cheaper price than its initial listing.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab originally turned up on Amazon with a list price of £799.99 SIM-free.

This brought a lot of criticism, mainly because the price was up there with the highest price of the Apple iPad (£699 with Wi-Fi and 3G), yet it comes with a smaller screen – at seven inches.

Amazon then reduced the price to £679.99 this week, only for the price to be slashed yet again.

Keeping Tabs

Amazon has now revised its pricing and has put the Tab at a much more reasonable £599.99.

This is for an unlocked version of the slate device, so when the subsidiaries kick in, expect to pay a lot less.

According to Amazon, Samsung's own recommended pricing is a massive £799.99, so either you are getting a massive bargain by shopping online or the retail price is being inflated somewhat.

Either way you should be able to pick the device up – which packs Android 2.2 – 1 November, according to the listing's UK release date.

Via EuroDroid