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Judge tells Apple and Samsung to make nice

Apple vs Samsung trial: Judge tells rivals to discuss settlement
Judge makes final appeal for peace before the jury steps in

The judge presiding over the Apple vs Samsung tech trial of the century has advised the two giants to consider settling their differences.

Judge Lucy Koh said the bitter rivals should discuss a settlement over the phone "at least once" this weekend, before the case reaches the jury next week.

"It's time for peace," said the judge during the case in San Jose, California, who added that she could see "risks here for both sides," if the case comes down to a jury.

The quest for peace

Both Apple and Samsung are requesting damages and/or sales bans of the other company's mobile tech amid complex claims that they infringed on each other's intellectual property/

The plea from Koh is the second of its kind. Apple and Samsung attempted to work out their differences in a court-arranged meeting between the two CEOs in May, before the case began last month.

That meeting solved nothing and with the trial approaching a conclusion, Judge Lucy Ko wants to examine the possibility of finding a peaceful and amicable solution one last time.

Via: Reuters