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Amazon is finally launching in Australia this Friday

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UPDATE: Looks like the rumour mill has run too hot, and Amazon Australia won't be launching this Friday. BUT, the soft launch did go ahead as planned, so it's only a matter of time before the online giant opens its Australian doors.

Recently we reported on the imminent launch of Amazon Australia, predicting it to arrive just in time for Black Friday (November 24), and a new email from the online retail giant suggests rather strongly that’ll come to pass.

The email, which was sent out on Tuesday to Australian businesses who have signed up to sell their products directly on the Amazon site (know as ‘Sellers’, in the company’s parlance), explicitly outlined a “testing phase with a small number of customers” that’s set to take place this Thursday, November 23, starting at 2pm AEST.

Website The New Daily, is reporting that Amazon intends to immediately chase up this brief test launch with an official opening on Friday, as that would see the service become fully operational in time to take advantage of Black Friday, which has the biggest online sales event of the year in both the US and UK. This could mean Amazon is hoping to land in Australia with a bang by offering up large discounts on popular products.

While that’s not 100% confirmation — the Seller email seen by TechRadar did contain any explicit information about the rumoured Friday start date — The New Daily reported that Amazon is “understood to have confirmed the Friday launch”.

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