iPhone 8 Plus deals and pre-orders: here are the best prices in the US

Apple's biggest phone, but it doesn't have to cost you big

iPhone 8 Plus is now available to pick-up up as of today, but finding it in stock and, more importantly, finding a good deal is the hardest part. Luckily, we found a few ways to save money with some trade-in discounts.

The iPhone 8 Plus has been announced as a typical upgrade to last year's iPhone 7 Plus. Thankfully, that means it comes with a price in line with that upgrade. The iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799.

The iPhone 8 Plus might come at a higher price than the iPhone 7 Plus, but it also comes with a larger starting storage. It's the biggest phone in size, but at least it's cheaper than any of the iPhone X deals.

T-Mobile iPhone 8 Plus deals

You probably have an old phone and definitely have a need for $300 off of an iPhone 8 Plus, so T-Mobile is willing to make a trade. You can earn this much toward the new iPhone with anything that's an iPhone 6 or newer, as long as it's in good condition.

It's a better deal than other US carriers are offering simply because the iPhone 6 is three years old right now and most networks will pay for $200 of less for the phone. It's even hard to sell this one for that price on Craigslist.

Verizon iPhone 8 Plus deals

The same $300 trade-in credit applies to this Verizon deal for the iPhone 8 Plus, though it needs to be slightly newer – an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus or something more recent than that. The iPhone 6 is worth $100 less toward your contract, netting you just $200. 

The Verizon trade-in offer is still more robust than AT&T's trade-in offer. It even lets you turn in an iPhone 5S for a single $100.

AT&T iPhone 8 deals

DirecTV customers or anyone who wants to subscriber to the satellite TV service can take advantage of AT&T's Buy One Get One Free offer for the iPhone 8. It applies to anyone with the service, new or current. You'll also need the AT&T Next monthly plan for two years on both phones.

Oddly, while AT&T is offering $300 for the iPhone 7 Plus as a trade-in credit, that's the only phone it's asking for in its trade-in promotion right now.

Sprint iPhone 8 deals

If you feel like paying 50% less for your iPhone 8, Sprint is the network for you, as long as you're okay with the fourth-place US carrier. It'll give you half off of its monthly payment plan toward the phone with a trade-in, so this could be your best deal, fully depending on which phone you give them.


iPhone 8 Plus price: how much will deals cost?

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Deeper dive

While Apple gave us the price of the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus model, it didn't mention a price for the 256GB model during its launch event, but the price is now on Apple's website. To get the increase in storage size, there's a $150 increase, hitting a high $949.

You'll experience less sticker shock if you opt for the $33 a month over 24 months price, or about $26 a month for 30 months with AT&T for the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for those installment deals to show up.

If you have a phone to trade in, you might get an even better price. So far, T-Mobile is offering $300 off the iPhone 8 Plus with an eligible trade-in, and its throwing in free enrollment in the iPhone upgrade program. It will also sell the Apple Watch 3 with 3 months of free wireless service. Other carriers are also likely to offer trade-in deals soon. 


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